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Having a slight money crunch during the pandemic is a common problem. Finding solutions often starts with seeking out more employment opportunities. Once-reliable sources of income may have dried up due to business closings. Going to the bank for a loan and asking for help may require an approval and may pry into personal finances. They may ask about any late payments seen on credit reports and deny the loan. Leveraging a personal vehicle is a great way to obtain a large sum of money quickly. Here are a few creative ways to leverage auto title loans. 

The largest expense in most budgets is taking care of the mortgage or rent payment. Many cities and counties have set up codes to prevent landlords from evicting tenants who have fallen behind on their loans.  Despite a push to keep people in their homes, city officials are still seeing landlords creatively pushing tenants out. Banks may allow a few missed payments and push those payments and added fees to the end of the loan. This grace period is limited and at some point, the mortgage will have to be paid. Household utilities that have gotten behind can be brought up to date with the help of auto title loans. Lump sums work well for catching up on housing costs that have fallen behind. 

Households that once had two individuals working may be down to one full-time income. A car title loan is a great way to pay for bills while the unemployed spouse seeks out part-time or other immediate work options. Interim jobs while seeking full-time employment are a great way to have some income while looking for something better. Bridging the gap until a new full-time position is found with a car title loan may work well for a household that recently had two incomes. 

Postponing dental work or minor medical procedures due to a lack of funds is challenging. The funds from a car title loan can be used for any reason. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and fill out the application for a car title loan. Proof of car ownership, state or federal identification cards, proof of employment or income source, personal references, insurance, and registration should be presented to the car title loan office. Since the car is being used as collateral, the loan employees will inspect the vehicle prior to releasing loan funds. Act today to bring outstanding bills current with an auto title loan. 

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